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  • Café Racer puts the artisan in the Latte artist

Sanremo Cafe Racer is changing the latte art play field. See it in action at Latte Art Live

27 May 2019

Baristas worship the high-level espresso machine because operating one can be akin to flying a plane. Official sponsor of Latte Art Live at this year’s Cape Town Coffee Festival, Electrical Industries’ Sanremo Café Racer is changing the latte art playing field. Here, we speak to two-time South African latte art champion, Chris Abrahams, who tells us why.


“It was a fun design to do, filled the cup nicely and was appealing to the eye,” says latte art champ Chris, grinning over a “tribal angel” pour he once created live – wings and all. When asked what he has up his sleeve for visitors to the Cape Town Coffee Festival, Chris says he’ll be pouring designs mainly focused on “nature and her creatures”. Get your cameras and Instagram ready! 

When asked to share his thoughts on the Café Racer being showcased at the event, Chris says it’s “a really modern and hot-looking machine”. Surveying it with a beady eye, he describes its design as “fashionable yet user-adjustible”. 

A former law student, Chris abandoned his dreams of the courts seven years ago in order to pursue his biggest passion: working in the coffee industry and pouring jaw-dropping latte-art masterpieces. 

The exposure he has gained through competitions on his journey has fed and solidified his latte art mastery . When reflecting on his journey, Chris says aspiring latte artists should complete a barista course, but always give room to their own one creativity. A machine like the Sanremo Café Racer happens to be an excellent partner in crime.

Success didn’t come easily for Chris. “There is only one way of achieving great things, and that – I believe – is by working twice as hard as the next person and persevering no matter how tough the circumstance,”. Chris should know: he has an impressive bucket list that includes making the top six in the South African Barista Championships. 
The coffee culture in Cape Town has flourished over the past five years.  Consumers palates have developed via consumer barista courses, attending coffee-cupping sessions and chatting with the talented baristas they see in action at their local coffee hangouts.

Chris believes The Cape Town Coffee Festival will cause a stir in the Mother city. “It’s something most coffee lovers have been looking forward to for a while. The Festival will bring like-minded people and service-providers together, enabling the further growth of our budding coffee community.” 

Electrical Industries, distributor of the Sanremo Café Racer, is just one of many industry members who will be playing their part in educating consumers and other industry members on how quality pieces of equipment are aiding the standard of coffee produced and demanded in Cape Town.

Chris is looking forward to having fun doing what he loves during the Festival, but hands it to the Sanremo Café Racer: “Machines like this give you the opportunity to practice and explore the creativity that lies within you”.

See Christopher in action at the Sanremo booth and performing magic on the Latte Art Live stage.

Read more about the Sanremo Café Racer machine here.

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