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Woolworths brings you the best barista hacks

31 May 2019

Major retailer Woolworths, which is known for its W Cafés, will bring eight must-do master classes to Cape Town Coffee Festival visitors.

What practical input will you be offering visitors to the Woolworths booth?
[Hieba Solomon of Woolworths] “Across the weekend, four baristas Matt, Harry, Lolly and Tiny – will takeover the Woolworths booth and host masterclasses every two hours, from 10am to 4pm/ They will showcase the recipes and tricks created for the Be Your Own Barista (BYOB) coffee campaign, meaning customers will be able to leave the Festival better able to brew great coffee at home without the need for expensive equipment. Each barista will run through a coffee recipe during their slot and give a short demo on how that drink is made. Then, they will randomly select one audience member to join them on stage for a fun “competition”, which could see that person being declared a “barista” for the duration of the festival! 

Why is it so important to educate consumers on the principles of great coffee?
[Matt Carter, TriBeCa] When you drink coffee it creates a moment of serenity; a moment when the world slows down and you can be happy. By helping to educate consumers about the principles of great coffee, we can share our love and passion for the product. It also gives the consumer a glimpse into this wonderful new world!

Describe the master classes on offer at your stand and the talks visitors can tap into at the LAB.
[Matt] At the masterclasses, we will be taking people on an adventure that allows them to become their own barista. Consumers will be able to join us as we guide them through the various ways there are of making delicious coffee at home. At the LAB, Harry will discuss what it takes to be a South African barista champion and what it’s like competing internationally. I aim to share my thoughts on “being sustainable in an unsustainable world”.
Finally, what barista hacks can you share for brewing excellent coffee at home? 
[Matt] Keep your coffee-making and coffee-storing equipment clean and free from coffee oils.
[Tiny] Grind fresh whenever possible.
[Harry] Use a scale to develop a recipe – an accurate coffee-to-water ratio will allow you to be consistent and to develop a customised ratio that caters to your taste buds.
[Lolly] Use a timer to make sure you are getting the best out of the extraction process.



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