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Built for Free Spirits: meet Latte Art Live’s espresso machine 

27 May 2019

All about the Sanremo  Café Racer

Sometimes designs come to be to achieve a precise objective; other times to make a dream come true; or to follow an ambition. But this our story of a coffee machine conceived in absolute freedom. No hurry, no restraints, no obligations: except to guarantee impeccable performance to baristas all over the world. Hence the precise and accurate intuition: to enclose the best of Sanremo technology in a sturdy and stylish chassis: like a motorcycle chassis of the legendary café racer. 

From the idea, to the design, to the Sanremo R&D team, to S.W.A.T. (Sanremo World Academy Team): the project has gone around the world a couple of times. It has been shared with the best operators in the industry and it has become a reality. Café Racer by Sanremo, is a powerful and reliable machine, easy-to-handle, versatile and stylish. A unique high-performance coffee machine, ready to be desired by all coffee professionals.

The addition of patented & unique technology it allows baristas of all different skill levels to create the best extractions & milk texture time and again.

Come see Café Racer in action at Sanremo South Africa’s Booth at A02 & A03.  Read two-time South African Latte Art champion Christopher Abrahams' interview here

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