Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town | 9 - 10 May 2020
  • The Coffee Lab

Ooh La Lab. Get down with cutting edge talks, thrilling debates and interactive workshops. 

The Coffee Lab is our talk and workshop area; a space to engage and ramp up your coffee knowledge, with an exciting line-up of speakers from Tribeca Coffee, Starbucks and Alpro. 

Speaker at "The Coffee Lab" will be discussing the latest trends and concepts in the coffee industry, 

Discover current industry trends, gain top tips for setting up a coffee shop, explore the history of coffee or relax with a drink while learning something new.

Witness cutting-edge coffee art and science and experience first-hand the latest brewing techniques and taste sensations.  

To get a flavour of what to expect, check the 2019 line-up below.  


2019 - LINE-UP 


11:15 South African Coffee Culture - Mel Winters, Coffee Magazine 
12:00 Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. - Charles Denison, Cultivar 
12:45 Being Sustainable in an Unsustainable World       - Matt Carter, Tribeca Coffee 
13:30 Building a Differentiated Milk Brand - Joel Sermon, Fair Cape Dairies
14:15 From Head hunters to Coffee Growers - Pieter Vermeulen, Nagaland Coffee
15:00 The Starbucks Impact on Farming Communities - Ishan Natalie, Starbucks
15.45 Aroma vs. Taste - Jake Easton, Tribe Coffee Roasting 
16.45 Plant-based Trends and Insights: Inspiration To Enhance Your Coffee Business - Eric Derie and Merijn Gijsbers, Alpro
17:30 Tia Maria - Tia Maria Coffee Project - Alecs Besier, Tia Maria 

11:30 How Much Should You Pay For A Cup Of Coffee? - Jono Le Feuvre, Rosetta 
12:15 Competing in Coffee - Harry Mole, Woolworths
13:00 Tia Maria Coffee Project - Alecs Besier, Tia Maria 
14:00 Dairy-Free: How to Milk It - Eleanor Ponsonby, Rude Health
14:45 How Dark Should We Be? - David Donde, Truth Coffee Roasting 
15:30 The Importance of Water - Byron Keet, Electrical Industries

See you there! 

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