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The Coffee Art Project gallery showcases the creativity and talents of emerging and established local artists whose photography has been inspired by African coffee and the local coffee scene.

In 2019, the gallery featured the work of local artist Andile Bhala through a moving photography series depicting the renowned coffee culture of Soweto.

2019 - celebrating the sowetan coffee culture

Andile Bhala is a documentary and street portrait photographer based in Soweto. With his camera, he documents everyday stories of everyday lives of South Africans – ordinary, diverse, conflicting. ‚Äč

“Photography has been a beacon in my life. The streets of Soweto with their bustling noise, smiles and legends in the making compel me to travel this vast spaces in search of stories. My bicycle and my red backpack are my companions as I seek to see beyond the obvious.” Andile Bhala

“This photo series explores the South African coffee culture and fashion. Most people meet in coffee shops, social markets, households. Some prefer it as an instant, some brewed.”  Andile Bhala


“I begin each day with a cup of coffee and it has always been the foundation I use converse with others. Coffee helps me to maintain my workflow, it motivates me to create more so with coffee I always have a good idea and it hugs me when I’m down.” Andile Bhala


You can find more info on Andile's work here

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