Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town
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18 June 2019

The Cape town Coffee Festival was an electrifying event that South Africans have never seen before. The two-day Festival celebrated the biggest names in the bizz, talented artists and, most importantly, coffee.

The first-ever Cape Town Coffee Festival was a smashing success that brought together over 5,200 attendees to celebrate Cape Town’s diverse coffee scene. It was an electrifying weekend that took place at The Castle of Good Hope and the air was buzzing with the passion and excitement of our incredible community.

Among many highlights of the weekend included an incredible Latte Art Live demonstration. Famous South African baristas and world-renowned latte artists created works of art with milk while onlookers watched attentively.

We sampled the best coffee that the Africa has to offer at the brand-new African Coffee Experience. Cuppings, tastings, brewing demonstrations and interactive workshops took place over two stages, creating an experience that attendees will never forget.

Industry innovators led inspiring panel talks and workshops in The Coffee Lab, from Tia Maria’s coffee cocktail workshop to Alpro’s plant-based trends to sustainability issues as they relate to the industry.

Some of South Africa’s brightest entrepreneurs spoke about how they turned their passion projects into a reality at The Small Business Lab. From opening a coffee shop to launching a tech-start-up, attendees heard what it takes to succeed as a small business in Cape Town today.

And it’s not a festival without live music! We sipped coffee cocktails and enjoyed the sweet and savoury treats of the Street Food Market while listening to amazing local artists perform on the Live Music Stage.

Best part? 100% of proceeds from The Cape Town Coffee Festival were donated to Project Waterfall. This year, Project Waterfall partnered with local charity, Woza Coffee School, which trains South African youth to launch their career in the coffee industry and Department of Coffee.

We would like to extend our deepest thank yous to all the people who made the inaugural The Cape Town Coffee Festival such a joyous success, especially our sponsors who helped make it all possible.

See you next year!

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