Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town | 9 - 10 May 2020
  • The Small Business Lab


The Small Business Lab is a space dedicated to promoting and supporting small, local businesses through a series of interactive talks, lectures and thrilling debates from industry leaders. 

Discover current industry trends, gain top tips for setting up a coffee shop, explore the history of coffee or relax with a drink while learning something new.

Witness cutting-edge coffee art and science and experience first-hand the latest brewing techniques and taste sensations.  




11:30 Welcome and Introduction to The Small Business Lab - Jeffrey Young, Allegra Group Limited

11:50 Q&A with Richard Mulholland - Richard Mulholland, TalkDrawer

12:40 Brewing One Good Thing Leads to Another - David Basset, Woza

13:30 Association: Aligning Yourself with Leaders and Game Changers to Shape Your Brand - Max Botha, Hokey Poke

14:20 What I've Learned Along The Way - Eitan Stern, Legalese

15:10 The Unbearable Lightness of Beans - David Donde, Truth Coffee Roasting 

16:00 Enabling Coffee Entrepreneurs to Thrive Through Technology - Yudhvir Ranchod, Yoco

16:50 The First Artisan Coffeeshop in the Townshi - Wongama Baleni, Department of Coffee


11:00 Recyling in the Township - Wendy Somlavi, Wheelie in a Wheely

11.50 Partnering with SA Entrepreneurs to Achieve Their Diverse Coffee Dreams - Joel Singer, Origin Coffee Roasting

12:40 Husting Smarter: How to Know When You're Sitting at the Wrong Table - Abu Addae, Life Cheq

13.30 Enabling Coffee Entrepreneurs to Thrive Through Technology - Matthew Brownell and Sikilela Dibela, Yoco

14:20 4 Timeless Rules for Online Marketing Success - Lexi, Over HQ
15:10 Everyday We Bottlin' - Jacques Van Zyl and Amy Murray, Culture Lab

16.00 Coffee Without People is Pointless - Richard Kellond, Truth Coffee Roasting 

16.50 Purpose and Patience Wins over Missing Resources - Lasse Presting, Cape Cola

See you there! 

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